Friends of Lake Erling Association 
Board of Directors
​Mark Bryan (#1)            Joe Owens (#2)           Misty Sanderlin (#3)
Magnolia, AR                 Taylor, AR                    Taylor, AR

Gary Graves (#4)          Jack Pearson (#5)        Jimmy Richardson (#6)
Taylor, AR                     Taylor, AR                     Taylor, AR

Stacy Rowe (#7)           Mikey Whitehead (#8)  Troy Alphin (#9)
Emerson, AR                 Taylor, AR                     Magnolia, AR

Friends of Lake Erling Association Inc.
PO Box 567
Taylor, AR 71861
Interested in being a member and/or Director?  All it takes is being an active volunteer with the FOLEA, support public access to Lake Erling and you can be voted in.

Donations can be mailed to:
PO Box 567
Taylor, AR 71861