Friends of Lake Erling Association Community

Friends of Lake Erling Association Inc. has developed another program to actively support the interests of the lake community, local fishermen, and the public in general. We have established a water quality research team and have begun testing several locations on Bodcau, Walker Creek, and Lake Erling.

For now the team is recording lake level, barometric pressure, air temperature, water temperature, and rainfall.

Our partners are conducting analysis of pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and turbidity, and we are considering expanding the tests to include micro & macro organism count & classification.

Team members collected a sample of what looked like frog eggs, or some form of fresh water jelly fish, but it turns out they were very unique invertebrates known as Bryozoans. The more common name for Bryozoans is “moss animals”, and they are generally considered a sign of good water quality. The blobs of Bryozoans often attach themselves to boat docks, standing timber and brush piles. Research of Bryozoans indicates they are completely harmless and are usually sighted in summer and fall when lower water levels leave them exposed.
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The 13 students from Columbia Christian School who did water quality testing during a field trip on 11/19/2015. The class took samples back to class for laboratory analysis. Gary Graves and Justin Glass provided the water transportation, (a crappie boat and a pontoon barge), for the students and their science teacher, Ms. Barbara Pearson. They are learning to be stewards of the most important resource on their planet.
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