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Donations can be mailed to:
PO Box 567
Taylor, AR 71861
Donations needed!
 AGRED attempted to charge the public to access the lake by forcing them to purchase a permit sticker, which they demanded be placed on the individual fisherman’s boats and trailers. AGRED also attempted to impose fees on the property owners for docks and boat houses. AGRED threatened to tear down the property of those who didn’t pay, and in fact filed lawsuits against several property owners.

In the past, AGRED has been ruled against by Chief United States District Judge Susan O. Hickey in a lawsuit AGRED filed against the USACE in Federal Court, and by Judge Carlton D. Jones in the Circuit Court of Lafayette County in a case filed against AGRED by FOLEA for AGRED’s continued attempts to place restrictions on the public’s rights to access and use Lake Erling.

These rulings are in response to AGRED, and their attorneys, continued attempts to justify violating the 1952 Act of Exchange.

For the past several years FOLEA has managed to fund our legal battle for the public’s right to boat, hunt, fish, and enjoy Lake Erling in all the ways guaranteed by the Act of Exchange. Our primary source of funding has been negatively impacted this year by the Coronavirus restrictions. We anticipate that AGRED will appeal Judge Jones’ ruling for yet a second time. Individual contributions are more important now than ever. This is our final hurdle. The years of frustration and threats from AGRED can end if we succeed this final legal effort. Any contributions, no matter how small, will go toward helping you, your friends, and the lake enthusiast members of the public from all around the Ark-La-Tex, against a common enemy determined to take away everyone’s rights.

You’re help will be appreciated. You can send donations to FOLEA P.O. Box 567 Taylor, AR 71861. Thank you for your consideration.